Muhammad Waheshna | Official Lyrics Video - ماهر زين محمد واحشنا

Muhammad Waheshna- محمد واحشنا video from Maher Zain's new album "Forgive Me"

Lyrics: Mahmoud Farouk
Melody: Maher Zain & Hamza Namira
Arrangement: Mustafa Ceceli

Muhammad (pbuh)  ( Official Lyric )

Shoft yama nas munaha t’eesh
El’omr ganbak webardo ma yekaffeesh
Ahla donya ‘andi ma tsaweesh
Illa ma’ak ya Rasool Allah
(I’ve seen so many people whose only wish was to live
Their whole lives next to you, and still it wouldn’t be enough
The most enjoyable life is worthless in my eyes
Unless it were with you, O Messenger of Allah)

Waheshna ya Rasool Allah
Ya sedna shou’na zad wallah
We mahma tawwel elghiyab
Muhammad, mushta’ ileek wallah
Muhammad, albi ‘aleek salla
(We miss you, O Messenger of Allah
O our master! By Allah, our longing for you is overflowing
And no matter how long our separation lasts
Muhammad, by Allah I long for you!
Muhammad, my heart sends salutations upon you)

Tal sou’ali, olli ezzay keda?
‘Ash’a ‘yonna hadd mosh shayfah?!
Law ha’ee’ee houwa ghali ‘aleek
Erdheeh fel Gannah tib’a ma’ah
(I’ve questioned for so long, tell me how could this be?!
How could we love someone whom our eyes have never seen?!
If he is truly dear to you
Follow him, and in Paradise you will be with him)


Dana zad fi albi haneen
Wedmou’i malyal ‘een
Tam’an ba’ali sneen
Inni azoorel Mustafa marra (x2)
(For my longing has increased manifold in my heart
And my tears have filled my eyes
For so many years my biggest dream has been
To visit the Chosen One even just once)


Lyrics: Mahmoud Farouk
Melody: Maher Zain & Hamza Namira
Arrangement: Mustafa Ceceli
Mixing: Levent Demirbaş

Credit to maherzaintube

محمد واحشنا - Lyrics:

شفت ياما ناس مناها تعيش
العمر جنبك وبرضه مايكفيش
أحلى دنيا عندى ما تساويش
إلا معاك يارسول الله

واحشنا يا رسول الله
يا سيدنا شوقنا زاد والله
ومهما طوّل الغياب
محمد، مشتاق إليك والله
محمد، قلبى عليك صلّى

طال سؤالي، قل لي إزاى كده
عاشقه عيونا حد مش شايفاه
لو حقيقى هو غالى عليك
إرضيه فى الجنه تبقى معاه

ده أنا زاد فى قلبى حنين
ودموعى ماليه العين
طمعان بقالي سنين
إني أزور المصطفى مرة

Credit to maherzaintube
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  1. i can't stop my tears so wonderful song

  2. i LOVE this sooong!!! since when did he start singing in sgyptian!? ooommmggg!!!!!

  3. This is one of my favorite song in his second album...Masha Allah... Very nice and heart touching...I like it sooo much...Indeed I miss my beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

  4. أغنية روحانية كتير.... أنا متأكدة إن الرسول عم بيسمعك ويبتسم، عم تنقل الإسلام بأغانيك بطريقة كتير راقية ومسالمة... أنا ما عم تابعك هون وبتويتر من شان استمتع بصوتك وبس، لا أنا حريصة على متابعة كل جديد بتقدمه لأني بحس إني عم أكملي ديني بهيك فن راقي... ماهر أنت سبب في هدايتي :)


  5. beautiful <3
    Mayy Allah shower you with his blessings Maher Zain

  6. can someone translate the song in english?

  7. confusing transliteration from arabic writings to roman writings for ajnabi >.<

  8. my tears filled my eyes.. wish so many years to visit Al Mustafa even just once

  9. absolutely love love love this song... waiting for official video from maher... please make a video for this song... when listening to this song over and over again... make me cry... make me so miss Rasulullah...

  10. i like this song <3

  11. Ilike it soooo much....very nice song and heart you maher...

  12. I like it sooo much...very nice song and heart you maher...

  13. fatima majdi idguinoussNovember 26, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    i very very very love it machaa allah you have a great feeling

  14. GREAT song , allah yebark feek ya rab :)

  15. great song , rabna yebark feek ya rab :)

  16. şükrannnnnn yaaaa maherrr habibi :)

  17. Amazinggg songs subhanallah

  18. Allaahumma shallii 'alaa Muhammad..

  19. Waiting for song in english Brother . Because I liked every thing in it but nt one i.e., ending of song so soon .

  20. I really want a rasool in this modern(evil) world .

  21. May Allah bless you for this great song for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & may He continue to strengthen you to do more as your songs are sources of inspiration as well In Shaa Allah!


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