Khawater 7 song - Maher Zain | اغنية الشارة خواطر 7

I was really honored and very happy when asked to do the official song for "Khawater 7" program that is presented by the inspirational Ustadh Ahmad AlShugairi - أحمد الشقيري. For the past seven years, Ustadh Shuqairi has been sharing his Khawater (thoughts) and experiences in an interesting and exciting manner, promoting Islamic values and teachings, and inspiring millions of Arab youngsters

Lyrics ::
سنحيــا كِـرامــا بـأوطــاننــا
ونبني من العدل مستقبلا
نـشــارك تغــييرنــا كـلـنــــا
عــلـى النفـس ثوراتنـا أولا

نفك قيود الهوى والفسـاد
وبالعـلم ننهض في كل واد
وهـذي خواطر جيـل البنـاء
نُـريــد بـهـا رفعــة للـبـــلاد

سنبني اذا ماهدمنا العلل
ولا لسنـا نقبــل اي خـلـل
بإحساننا تستقيم الحياة
خـــواطـــر دعــوة للـعـمــل

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  1. صوته جميل جدا

  2. amazing song ever and lyrics and i love maher zaien and ahmed shoukaieri allah blesses you both

  3. And nice melody by Hamza Namira

  4. Mashallah , verry nice :) I really love it :D

  5. الله الله ما شاء الله تبارك الله... ينشد الجميل ثم الأجمل... ابداعاتك ماهر زين في ارتقــــــــاء ... إلى الأمام

  6. Masya allah... amazing :)

  7. great program .
    great singer .
    great song .
    but I would love English song however ,great song really ..!

  8. great song allah bless you maher really you are amazing

  9. جميله جدا ما شاء الله

  10. please provide the subtitle. it would be much greater then ^_^

  11. thank you 4 providing the english subtitles! dis song is awesome! masha Allah ^^ maher's voice in arabic is very nice and soothing

  12. Hi I like your song is it possible to do it in English ? Even the program خواطر so nice but if you do subtitle in English too that's make it easy for us to understand the program ... Good luck .. Amy

  13. كل ماأسمع الأنشودة دى لازم أبكى وصوت ماهر أصلا راااااااااائع ربنا يبارك فيه يارب ويوفقه الى ما فيه الخير
    أنا نفسى تيجى مصر وتعمل حفلات

  14. Barakallaho fikum!!!

    very nice song!!!!

  15. Mashallah! Maher Zain I love you for this songs by God!!!
    I hope you will always sing such beautiful songs!


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